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n. female form of testator, although distinguishing between genders is falling out of fashion. (See: testator)

TESTATRIX. A woman who makes a will or testament, is so called.

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The court reviewed the facts: At the time of her death, the testatrix was [65] years old and of very modest estate.
In 1972 the testatrix went to live on the farm and she stayed on the farm until 1973 when she left because she experienced hostility from Jacqueline.
1999) ("[I]n cases where, as here, there is no residuary clause, the presumption that a testatrix who took the trouble of making a will did not intend to dispose of only a small part of her estate and to die intestate as to a major part thereof, is strengthened.
In the second and third paragraphs of item III the testatrix asks
He the first depositor that he had been married to the late Marija Levij testatrix had her as wife and is widower of her, who died in New York [sic] about three and half years ago and he depositor the foresaid testament had held in his hands and had read it, which testament is in the hands of Stephanus Kortlont [Cortlandt] and Abraham Lanoij [de Lanoy] at Nieuw Jorck, and he the other depositor Lammert Benedictus is a son of the first requestor's Stepmother, and is about the abovementioned well informed.
Francesc (Frari) the limitation to 200 women was abolished in 1357 TABLE 2: PRESENCE OF WOMEN IN THE SCUOLE: SCUOLE KNOWN FROM TESTAMENTS The table shows fourteen cases in which we know that a scuola had female members because a testatrix declared herself a sister of that scuola.
The court found no conflict of interest, stating that "a lawyer who prepares a will owes no duty to any previous beneficiary, even a beneficiary he may be representing in another matter, to oppose the testator or testatrix in changing his or her will and, therefore, that assisting in that change is not a conflict of interest.
Under ordinary circumstances, as long as a nurse is satisfied that a patient is competent, she may witness a patient's execution of his or her will by signing her name in the presence of the testator or testatrix and in the presence of each of the one or more other attesting witnesses as dictated by the laws of the particular state in which the will is executed.
Eurig, the widow and testatrix of the individual whose estate was being probated, she had paid the probate fees under protest and, in fact, had already appeared in two lower courts on the same issue, losing each time.
Here the principle often is phrased in terms of "giving effect to the intent of the donor," or "giving effect to the intent of the testator or testatrix," in the case of testamentary transfers.
These were valuable goods, but the bequests were deeply personal, and closely tied to a passing on of something of the identity of the testatrix to those closest to her.
Tuttbegan, "as the only niece of the testatrix, Althea Parsons, you were her sole heir and next of kin?