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Fifty-four percent of the sample had had an HIV test within the last year, and 46% had had one longer ago or had never been tested.
We tested [Stryker Brigade] for three months at Fort Knox because that was the best place to do it with units that actually use that specific equipment.
Because both tests must be done by specialized staff using sophisticated lab equipment, getting a result back to someone who has been tested can take 2 weeks.
A study reported in The Journal of the American Medical Association in 1990 found that postal workers who tested positive for marijuana when they were hired were more prone to accidents, injuries, absences, disciplinary action, and turnover.
The CDC and others urged that the option for anonymous testing should be kept available, believing fear of disclosure would keep some from being tested, and most states have followed this recommendation.
abstract test suites, test assertions, test cases) which must be tested.
Since the approved HIV home test system has been independently tested, validated, and approved by the FDA for marketing, the consumer can feel confident that the approved HIV test system will provide the most accurate results available from an HIV-1 home test.
All athletes are tested during their competitive season, with a different team being randomly tested every week.
Section 504 regulations were written under the assumption that (1) persons with disabilities can be tested in such a way that their scores do not reflect the effects of their disability and (2) resulting test scores, when provided reasonable accommodations, are comparable to those of nonhandicapped persons (Sherman & Robinson, 1982).
Additionally, management trainees can be tested for these abilities and developmental programs can be established to enhance their skills.
The specimens recieved through the Proficiency Testing Program must be tested with the laboratory's regular patient work load and handled by the same personnel and in the same manner as any routine patient specimen.