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TEST. Something by which to ascertain the truth respecting another thing. 7 Penn. St. Rep. 428; 6 Whart. 284. Vide Religious Test.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Toutes les interactions testees etant non significatives, elles ont ete exclues des modeles finaux.
The approach to design this interfaces was taken from the socio-constructivist theory of language that uses images to trigger the testee's output and the visuals to support and enrich the production.
It is immediate the similarity of (8) with the Polytomous RM if the occupation numbers [n.sub.k] are a measure of how many times a category response is chosen in N trials by a testee. Although with some differences in assumptions and methods, this line of reasoning is close to Ebneth's (1993).
The first section was not counted in order to allow the testees to get used to the testing procedure.
La fidelite des especes choisies afin d'etre utilisees dans Tindicateur de sporophytes a ete testee. Nous avons determine que si plus de 50 % de toute la couverture de bryophyte presente dans les creux est composee de Tune ou plusieurs des 17 bryophytes de zones humides testees en 2005, la vegetation vasculaire peut alors etre considered comme hydrophytique (p < 0,001).
Dans certains cas, le materiel genetique peut etre preleve a l'insu de la personne reellement testee, ce qui constitue une atteinte a son integrite.
The answer to the last question tells essentially the elements that led to the testee's percept.
This is one of those things that can be as much of an ordeal for the tester as the testee. When one of these comes along the first thing to do is mention "free ammo" to enough people.
The highest score which could be obtained by a testee was 156 as the Comprehension Section of the Test, which consisted of 38 items, was double weighed.