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Toutes les interactions testees etant non significatives, elles ont ete exclues des modeles finaux.
Les trois hypotheses concernant les partis politiques, les candidats independants et les femmes seront testees a partir d'une variable qui en mesure le nombre dans chaque district.
In theory, if the test is implemented, the Ministry should provide all the testees with the same mobile phone to avoid biased or unfair testing conditions.
k] are a measure of how many times a category response is chosen in N trials by a testee.
The first section was not counted in order to allow the testees to get used to the testing procedure.
La representativite de l'echantillon sur la population a neanmoins ete testee au moyen d'un test Chi carre d'ajustement (%2) au seuil de signification de 5 % par rapport aux criteres de taille et de repartition sectorielle et geographique : il repond aux conditions statistiques permettant d'extrapoler nos resultats a la population definie plus haut.
D'autre part, l'hypothese de sectorisation proposee par Hoyt (1939) et repris ensuite par Wiel (2001, 2003) est testee ici grace a l'introduction d'un zonage supplementaire, scindant notre territoire d'etude en 8 secteurs, (3) qui nous permet de verifier l'influence de trajectoires spatiales de croissance urbaine.
La fidelite des especes choisies afin d'etre utilisees dans Tindicateur de sporophytes a ete testee.
The practical value of using an IRT-approach is that it allows to include much more item material than can be responded to by a single testee, and that it allows to include new item material over time, and at the same time guarantee invariance of the measured concept, although new and old material may differ in difficulty.
In Permanent Midnight, Jerry Stahl notes of another testee at the methadone clinic: "He laid his head on the desk, crying, so that the tattooed angel on the back of his neck spread her wings for the ceiling" (91).