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The lack of sufficient data to predetermine the direction of testicular torsion might be a consequence of common practical approaches.
The effects of nitric oxide on the expression of cell adhesion mole cules (ICAM-1, UEA-1, and tenascin) in rats with unilateral testicular torsion.
Testicular torsion of a traumatic etiology is a rare, yet significant injury which, due to its rare occurrence and atypical patient presentation, may deter evaluating physicians from making an accurate diagnosis.
Testicular torsion can be a diagnostic challenge because blood flow is often difficult to detect in normal small prepubertal testes.
In conclusion, the ultimate goal of managing testicular torsion in humans is discovering effective therapies for improving or salvaging a torted testis.
43%) indicated they had been taught the significance of testicular pain; but few (18%) had been taught the term testicular torsion.
More significantly, the computer assisted diagnosis was more sensitive than radiologists for cases of mild to moderate ischemia which is thought to be related to early disease in the case of testicular torsion.
Although direct evidence of testicular torsion was not observed, it did not rule the diagnosis out.
Testicular torsion and epididymoorchitis are the most common causes of nontraumatic testicular pain.
Testicular torsion (TT) is one of the pediatric emergency conditions which require immediate attention.
Physicians have already noted ultrasound's effectiveness in diagnosing male fertility problems, prostate cancer, testicular torsion and trauma.
The differential includes an inguino-scrotal hernia, testicular torsion, an organizing hematoma and a tumour.