testify against

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By the slave code, they are adjudged to be as incompetent to testify against a white man, as though they were indeed a part of the brute creation.
A former defence witness in the ICC cases William Rono has said he will go to The Hague to testify against former Journalist Walter Barasa.
A progressive alliance of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and their families rallied the government to let Mary Jane Veloso speak the truth after the Court of Appeals (CA) barred her to testify against her recruiters.
MARDAN -- Friend of Mardan lynching and survivor Abdullah stated on Monday that he was attacked when he refused to testify against Mashal Khan in blasphemy allegations.
They told me again that if I did not testify against Julius, I would lose my daughter.
This has once again brings to the limelight the unspoken rule of medical professionals not being too forthcoming to testify against colleagues, making it extremely rare for such cases as the Larnaca ruling, to come to court, let alone reach the stage of reward for compensation.
The two Egyptian actors will be going to the Nasr City Family Court on February 18 to testify against one another.
New York, June 14( ANI ): A man from Bushwick, America, has refused to testify against his girlfriend, who allegedly shot him in his head during an argument over money.
Sanguedolce did not testify against him, according to the Supreme Court.
Eight people took time out on election night to testify against the Eugene Water & Electric Board's proposed 2013 rate increases.
In Massachusetts, parents can be forced to testify against their children.
JAILED race-hate cleric Abu Hamza could be freed next year because an al-Qaeda "supergrass" now won't testify against him.