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TESTES. Witnesses.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The Se is acknowledged to manipulate both gross as well as the histomorphology of the testis. The morphometric investigation of the testis of several breeds is essential to assess and estimate the qualitative variations in testicular machinery and spermatogenic functions (Raji and Njidda, 2014).
In fact if testes remain inside the body without hanging out, a man can become impotent and worse still he can develop cancer of the testis. A common abnormality is for one testis to hang out and one to remain stuck in the pelvis.
This is to allow the testis to descend naturally but if it's still undescended your grandson will be referred to a surgeon.
The undescended testis has a normal histological structure at birth.
This 2.5 years old male patient presented to our outpatient clinic with bilateral undescended testis. Family history is notable for 3rd degree consanguineous marriage in the parents.
Leung classified polyorchidism into four groups based on testis embryology: 1) polyorchidism with no vas deferens or epididymis in the supernumerary testis, 2) testes sharing these two structures with the ipsilateral testicle, 3) testes with their own epididymis and sharing the vas deferens, and 4) supernumerary testes with their own annexes (5,6).
When the findings upon scrotal exploration consisted of dusky testis but no apparent gangrene, the majority of PS (27/39, 69.2%) did not remove the testis but performed fixation without second look, while most PU (40%) followed the 48 hours second look policy (95% CI: 19.1-54.3).
The volume of each testis was measured by volume displacement technique (Ali et al.).
The remaining testis often hypertrophies within a few months after the affected testis has been excised, and fertility is usually maintained.
Approximately two-thirds of neonates born with an undescended testis will undergo spontaneous testicular descent, typically by 4 to 6 months postnatally, mediated by postnatal testosterone surge [4].
The lower pole of the right testis was seen to be fractured in a bi-valve pattern.
A 34-year-old man, father of 2 kids, presented to urology outpatient clinic complaining of swelling in the left testis for the last 3 years.