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The present study is aimed to provide the detailed knowledge on the morphological variations of the interstitial tissue of the Guinea fowl testis during active and resting phases of the reproductive cycle which helps to understand the biology of the testis and seasonality of reproduction in the guinea fowl.
Keywords: Incarcerated inguinal hernia, ultrasound, testis, ischemia.
To date, however, there have been no studies regarding candidate genes directly related to reproduction such as those affecting male pigs testis size.
Materials and Methods: The data of patients who underwent surgical operation by a single pediatric urologist for undescended testis between 2013 and 2016 was evaluated retrospectively.
Most of the drugs for cancer therapy are known to cause toxic side effects in various viscera including testis.
The Mann-Whitney U test was used to compare differences in testicular volume and blood flow between the tests is receiving surgery and the contralateral testis.
There are a few studies about NIS expression in normal testis tissue and testis tumors (5, 6).
Preventive effects of zinc on cadmium induced oxidative stress in the rat testis.
1-3) Although standard therapy for testicular cancer is radical inguinal orchiectomy, in patients with bilateral tumours or tumour in a solitary testis, orchiectomy will lead to infertility and hormonal deficiency.
The left testis could not be located in the left inguinal canal or abdomen.
The primers were designed and synthesized by using testis and epididymis cDNA.