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So saying, he left her to browze upon such stunted grass and weeds as happened to grow within the length of her tether, and passing through a wicket gate, entered the grounds on foot.
Within the limits of his short tether he had tumbled about, annihilating the flowers of existence with greater singleness of purpose than many of the blatant personages whose company he kept.
But Mr Wegg's descent was not accomplished without some personal inconvenience, for his self-willed leg sticking into the ashes about half way down, and time pressing, Mr Venus took the liberty of hauling him from his tether by the collar: which occasioned him to make the rest of the journey on his back, with his head enveloped in the skirts of his coat, and his wooden leg coming last, like a drag.
Presently the horses began to scream, and tore at their tethers till I came to them and quieted them.
This tether will also include secured and unjammable high speed data transfer.
based public charity that offers pioneering technology and consulting to humanitarian causes, has announced it will be adding Bitcoin blockchain technology to its operational platform by partnering with Tether, the world's first fiat-currency platform engineered on the blockchain.
3 metres from the cargo bay in Columbia, and the crew was continuing to unreel the satellite on the tether.
one of the leading manufacturers of fixture and display solutions for the retail industry, released the Tether Shelf, a shelf system designed to put product on display while keeping it tethered to the display shelf by retractable cords.
The tether is stored on a motorized reel and can be reeled out upon request from the ground.
The collars have 360-degree mobility, preventing tether entanglement, and fit on a wide range of tools.
NO doubt the referee and players were at the end of their tether - their football match in Gateshead had to be called off because a horse was tied to a goal post.
Many models now have a tag that invites the customer to "pull here" to experience the extension and retraction of the Kevlar tether.