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2) Do properties of the egg mass tether and of local sediment help to explain variation in tethering force in the field?
Dealers will cut a hole into the back panel trim cover to allow access to the top tether anchor.
By using this very slender tether, instead of a large cable, the team was able to decrease the size, weight, complexity and cost of the vehicle.
in August, Tether contrasted DARPA's work with that of the Services, which tend to concentrate on "the near- and mid-side" and improving "concepts and systems that we know about.
Now sporting blonde shoulder-length hair, Tether was before Dudley Magistrates' Court for sentence after pleading guilty to retaining wrongful credit last week.
He emptied the gun's chamber in four minutes, however, and for the rest of the EVA he used the tether to pull himself around the spacecraft.
On April 11 last year, just before her 21st birthday, Miss Tether went to Cresswell's house, on Worcester Road, Netherton, Dudley and up to his bedroom where he was asleep.
The next step was to tether the string-bound glutamate to its receptor.
will actively promote novel technological innovations through a series of competitions open to academia and industry, including that of the Tether Challenge.
The Spring Tether is made of coiled, coated, cable that is six feet long.
One end of the tether attached to the device's pull-pin and the other end to the resident's garment.
Two broad directives influenced DARPA's new direction, according to Tether.