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NCC's innovative StrapBand solution is also a tethered solution available for today's flat caps which provides a hinge functionality with a wide opening angle and a click sound when tethered.
He elaborated on an interview with Entertainment Weekly explaining, 'I think the main idea that went into writing this film is that we're our own worst enemy, and that idea created this monster, The Tethered.'
The Tylers were not concerned or aware of the tethered until it was too late, which is another upper class/lower class metaphor.
"Our inspectors have visited to check on them on a number of occasions and we would like to reassure people that while they are tethered they appear to be in good health.
The Cleaning and Coating Drone is a tethered platform for both painting and cleaning large-scale surfaces.
Rebecca told The Gazette that the horse belongs to a group of people who "came and put a marquee up and tethered her", but took it down the next day.
According to balloonist from Belgium, Benoit Lambert, the cool temperature and lower humidity in the mornings are the best conditions for hot air balloons to fly, even for tethered rides.
In practical application, the tethered system has a broad application prospect in space environment exploration and space resource development [1].
tethered swimming that involves multi-joint movements), is inevitably of interest and value to swimming coaches, sport scientists and other practitioners.
But the photo showed that Nell was tethered and it caused an outcry, with many people upset to see the new mum on a lead.