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And here is my dear old Bac"; and she laid hold of the horns of a reindeer, that had a bright copper ring round its neck, and was tethered to the spot.
An interesting question, but Margaret fell asleep, tethered by affection, and lulled by the murmurs of the river that descended all the night from Wales.
An elderly nursemaid and two children were standing in a corner of the enclosure, looking at a lean goat tethered to the grass.
The humble Asinus, too meek and too weary to make any resistance, was soon tethered and deposited in his bed of dying grass, where he was left with a perfect confidence on the part of his master of finding him, again, at the expiration of a few hours.
I was about three months hedging in the first piece; and, till I had done it, I tethered the three kids in the best part of it, and used them to feed as near me as possible, to make them familiar; and very often I would go and carry them some ears of barley, or a handful of rice, and feed them out of my hand; so that after my enclosure was finished and I let them loose, they would follow me up and down, bleating after me for a handful of corn.
There was a smell within, coming up from the floor, of tethered beasts, like the smell of a menagerie of wild animals.
Having tethered the horses, and bade Lucy adieu, he threw his gun over his shoulder, and set out in search of whatever chance might throw in his way.
Feeble limbs easily resign themselves to be tethered, and when we are subdued by sickness it seems possible to us to fulfil pledges which the old vigor comes back and breaks.
Rockwell Automation, the world's largest company dedicated to industrial automation and information, has introduced its new Allen-Bradley MobileView tethered operator interface.
Rockwell Automation introduced its new Allen Bradley MobileView tethered operator interface.
Tether provides a secure platform that allows deposited US dollars (and soon euros, Japanese yen and other fiat currencies) to be tethered and converted into a 1-to-1 backed digital currency called tether USDe'.