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After an examination of the literature, the textbook writer includes certain materials and omits other materials and thus serves as gatekeeper.
Yes, there had been studies of Palestinian textbooks before--usually by individuals or groups skeptical of the "peace process.
Because of the formative character of the genre (Kuhn i963; Love i99i, i993; Myers 1992; Hyland 1999, 2002, 2005; Moore 2002; Young and Nguyen 2002; Parkinson and Adendorff 2004; Klerides 2010), the textbook has been defined as a "canonical text" (Richardson 2004: 505) which acculturates learners into disciplinary knowledge, as well as into disciplinary culture.
High textbook costs have long been a problem for students at schools where they have to purchase them, including private schools and colleges and universities.
As these approaches have their own merits in revealing problem characteristics that afford different opportunities for students' problem-solving experiences, this current study adopts both approaches in analyzing textbook problems.
Without a doubt, the launch of the new policy has cut the Gordian knot that was textbook distribution in our public basic education institutions.
The textbook, titled "Mexican American Heritage," was the only submission the board received after putting out a call in 2015 for textbooks for high school social studies classes, including Mexican-American studies.
In line of chain of actions, as declared by Federal Text Book Board, NBF also carried forward the job of improvement, making corrections in errors and uplifting the standard of the textbooks in respect of their layout design and harnessing high quality of paper in the textbooks as per pervious practice.
Islamabad -- The National Book Foundation (NBF) has been almost completed the prime task of supply of textbooks in the educational institutions under Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) located in Islamabad Capital Territory for Academic Session 2016-17, says a press release.
A majority of students (n = 114; 93 percent) used their laptop or desktop computers to access the digital textbook.
The author has organized the main body of her text in twelve chapters devoted to good practices to substantiate digital learning with textbooks, affordances in digital textbook use and development, clarifying the confusing terminology of digital textbooks, and a wide variety of other related subjects.