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Deliverables are output to HDCAM and Digital Betacam including both texted and textless versions using Avid Symphony's Universal feature, which allows for frame rate conversion on output.
Young children and their parents can enjoy this uniquely interactive layout, as it allows a pre-literate child to narrate the textless pages, while an older reader will be able to fill in the gaps by reading the text.
For example, the first Greenlanders appear in oilskin cloaks, but we soon discover that they have the advanced skills of telepathic communication and later find out that this is a textless society.
Baker's illustrated narrative is almost "silent" or textless. Interspersed on many pages are quotes from the most significant original historical source for the story: Nat Turner's 1831 confession to Thomas Gray.
So, particularly in heavy, slow-moving traffic, what can bored drivers do if they want to fill the talkless, textless void?
(13) On Kant's ambivalence towards music, especially textless music, see Kant B 49, 211-22; compare Bonds 6-10.
The film's central lesbian sex scene, mostly shot from above, takes place to the sound of textless female vocalization.
student concerned about the state of theatre, Klein had acquired a large part of her theatrical education in the late 1970s and early '80s in Poland, learning a commitment to intense physical training and textless performance under the guidance of Jerzy Grotowski, Tadeusz Kantor and Rena Mirecka (Grotowski's lead actress and Klein's primary mentor).
cancel each other out, restoring a textless doctrine of sovereign
65: an "incomplete and textless" unattributed, untitled music fragment copied in the late sixteenth century on the verso of the front fly-leaf of a 1540 edition of a French-language tutor).
(3.) A variant of this modern title does appear, however, in the form of a textless title found in the table of contents original to the early sixteenth-century Asloan manuscript.
Jane Flynn posits audiences familiar enough with chanson texts to imagine the words and rhymes even in textless instrumental performances.