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At 1000 msec latency, the dynamic with audio and textual modality values were almost the same.
of North Carolina-Chapel Hill) assembles 21 articles he has published, some introductory for beginners, some highly technical for fellow textual critics, and some for scholars of early Christianity who are interested in seeing how textual criticism can be important for exegesis and for understanding the formation of Christian doctrine and the social history of the early church.
The research hypothesis is that such a rapprochement can be achieved by means of an approach to textual variants that values creative undoing (ways of de-composing a text as an integral part of composition and literary invention) more than has hitherto been the case in textual scholarship.
The objective of textual criticism is often thought to be the reconstruction of a single lost original text from a multiplicity of variants.
After describing the need for textual criticism, Tov describes in depth the Hebrew and versional evidence for the Old Testament and how the text was copied and transmitted over the centuries.
The title of Kathryn Sutherland's Jane Austen's Textual Lives: From Aeschylus to Bollywood, may initially discourage some Austen scholars from seriously considering this work as equal to its projected wide-ranging critical agenda.
How do textual theory and bibliographical analysis account for the textuality of such a wide array of authorial (and, in some cases, nonauthorial) forms, particularly in terms of the Byzantine nature of their construction, production, and dissemination?
By excavating the multiple and often contradictory ways that erotic literature represents sex and bodies, Harvey has shown herself a master of textual examination.
A detailed and scholarly textual analysis that paints a vivid picture of a noble nation-state's vibrant past.
Technological Mediation of Document Review: The Use of Textual Replay in Two Organizations
Exploring Grade 1 Students' Textual Connections--Pantaleo
Textual Situations: Three Medieval Manuscripts and their Readers.