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Therefore, in this study, an attempt was made to analyze the reproductive behavior of families who had a child suffering from thalassemia major in this southern province of Iran in 2013.
When groups were compared according to the median number of blood products transfused, children with thalassemia major received the highest number of erythrocyte suspensions (median: 60 units, min-max: 13-119) (p<0.
His younger sister, who is now 15 years old, is also a thalassemia major patient and comes to the centre with him for daily check-up and treatment.
HELENA, a two- year- old thalassemia major patient, has become the first person to receive a successful mother- to- daughter bone marrow transplant in the Capital.
The aim of the study was to evaluate right (RV) and left (LV) ventricular systolic and diastolic functions using myocardial performance index in young, asymptomatic children suffering from thalassemia major, for early detection of cardiac function impairment, preventing further cardiac damage by modifying disease progression and treatment.
The thalassemia-minor conditions produce minimal decrements in the Hb concentration; whereas, thalassemia intermedia and thalassemia major may be associated with moderate to severe decreases in Hb concentration.
Some [beta]-chain hemoglobin variants manifest as a reduction of total hemoglobin production, resulting in a thalassemia major phenotype when inherited with a [[beta].
Growth and sexual development before and after sex steroid therapy in patients with thalassemia major.
Carriers of the disease are often healthy people who can have healthy children - but if they marry other carriers they risk producing offspring with Thalassemia Major, which can lead to heart failure and liver problems.