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The common treatment for thalassemia major is blood transfusion.
High frequency of [beta] thalassaemia trait in females of child bearing age at our centre calls for a policy to screen for beta thalassemia in population of child bearing age to reduce the burden of thalassemia major in our country.
In our study, we observed that thalassemia major patients suffered from endocrine disorders and presented with delayed puberty.
In undiagnosed cases screened for beta thalassemia major, we found Mediterranean (-aMED) deletion at specifically 875 bp on agarose gel.
In patients with thalassemia major (TM) and thalassemia intermedia (TI), there is an excessive iron accumulation in the body.
Results: There are an expected number of 647 children with thalassemia major each year.
Keywords: Beta thalassemia major, Chelation therapy silicone, Hypothyroidism, Iron overload.
Distribution of patients according to number of transfusions and clinical data of Thalassemia major.
31,32,33 The total number of thalassemia major children in Pakistan are 60000-100,000.
THE FIRST time Loriefe Silva was told by doctors that her only son's condition, beta thalassemia major, was one that would hound him for life, she was in total disbelief.