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THALER. The name of a coin. The thaler of Prussia and of the northern states of Germany is deemed as money of account, at the custom-house, to be of the value of sixty-nine cents. Act of May 22, 1846.
     2. The thaler of Bremen, of seventy-two grotes, is deemed of the value of seventy-one cents. Act of March 3, 1843.

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Thalers circulated throughout the Red Sea region, the Horn of Africa, the Americas and as far eastward as China.
Prized aesthetically for their remarkable lustre, thalers have been used by generations of craftsmen in the creation of traditional jewellery; they also served as a kind of portable bank since nomadic tribes wore their wealth while on the move.
Long before the Latin Monetary Union or the Euro, Europe and much of the world had a common currency in the thaler first minted in 1741 in the Imperial Mints of the Holy Roman Empire, in this case those in Austria.