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I'm only too thankful when her husband isn't too mean and miserly to allow it.
We have to take our relatives as they are, and be thankful if there are no penitentiary birds among them.
I too had fallen into the old ways, only happy and thankful that he let me.
I feel thankful that I have been ill, Joe," I said.
I was thankful for your tidings about the dear friends at the Hall Farm, for though I sent them a letter, by my aunt's desire, after I came back from my sojourn among them, I have had no word from them.
I'm thankful that my family and coworkers have, so far, been spared from H1N1 flu, and I'm thankful that we have health insurance coverage if we do become sick.
We should be thankful and treasure the many benefits we enjoy compared to those times of difficulty and deprivation.
To in grat iate yourself is to make others feel thankful for something you've done.
There is always something to feel thankful about," she said, "even when you're hungry.
Being thankful for what one has is an invaluable virtue.
As a Mayflower Transit Agent and local business we are thankful to have the opportunity to help our neighbors in need.
He couldn't think of a single thing to be thankful for.