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I read the letter thankfully, and then set forth with my mind at ease for the day to go to Old Welmingham, and to view the scene of the fire by the morning light.
Most willingly, most thankfully, with all my heart and soul.
We are very much obliged to you, ma'am,' said Nell, 'and thankfully accept your offer.
It was disastrous to concede the first goal and then the second so early, but thankfully that great ball in by Geri (Deulofeu) and a fantastic header from Rom (Lukaku) straight after they scored, meant it was back to where we were at half time and we knew that we had to put them under a bit more pressure.
Thankfully, because it involved a bunch of six and seven-year-olds, there was no crucifixion, just scenes of the last supper and Jesus washing the disciples feet.
Thankfully, the Auld Grey Toon has been Thankfully, the Auld Grey Toon has been spared the horror of a big white erchie spared the horror of a big white erchie careering across its most hallowed turf.
uk/about-us/ RECENTLY under new ownership, The Pot has lost none of it's cute, rustic charm nor, thankfully, it's delicious breakfast menu.
Thankfully she's doing okay, a bit shaken up but thankfully nothing worse happened.
Thankfully, this feeble Brazilian team, who had to resort to such tactics to get past a creative, talented and above all entertaining Colombian side, were thoroughly found out in the early hours of Wednesday morning, when they met a team not so easily intimidated, in the form of the mighty Germans.
Well, thanKfully for those passengers, Mr Turner did all of those things, made swift, sensible decisions and tooK action.
THANKFULLY, I've never suffered from it, but those who have tell me gout is particularly painful.
Thankfully, due to the quick response of Dubai Civil Defence, the blaze was quickly extinguished, though the station will be closed for several weeks.