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Here there were no white men, no soldiers, nor any rubber or ivory to be gathered for cruel and thankless taskmasters.
Why on earth should their beds be properly aired, seeing that they left them in such a thankless hurry?
But the gleam of a bright red fire through the parlour window had more effect in cheering my spirits, and rebuking my thankless repinings, than all the sage reflections and good resolutions I had forced my mind to frame; - for I was young then, remember - only four-and-twenty - and had not acquired half the rule over my own spirit that I now possess - trifling as that may be.
She is thankless for Amelia's constant and gentle bearing towards her; carps at her for her efforts at kindness or service; rails at her for her silly pride in her child and her neglect of her parents.
Of all the domestic disasters which the thankless theatrical enterprise had inflicted on the Marrable family, the crowning misfortune was now consummated by Magdalen's success.
He said the President has often mentioned that the presidency was a thankless job that only brings hardships and insults.
WHAT a lonely, thankless place county management can be.
A spokesperson said: "Do you know someone who does the thankless, unpaid job of caring for a loved one at home?
LIAM POLWORTH 5 A thankless task trying to link midfield and attack when so deprived of the ball at his feet.
The council's finance director, Andrew Kirkham, told councillors they had a thankless task as the authority struggles with a PS15,270,000 resource shortfall.
And they say public service is such a thankless job.
The Umno leader took to Facebook to explain his decision, saying that defending the government through Jasa has been a thankless job and that he expects many people to criticise him for his decision.