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Israr said that it would be height of thanklessness if we down play Langland's contribution to education in Chitral.
"The major causes of burnout we see in these organisations include not seeing systems or people change, unrelieved workload, lack of control, thanklessness, team dispirit or lack of social support, unfairness or hypocrisy and values dissonance."
He reflects on the thanklessness of their task: "No Iraqi poet was likely to sit down to write stirring poetry celebrating the transfer of sovereignty from the Coalition Provisional Authority to the interim government of Prime Minister Iyad Allawi."
Imperceptibly introducing weightier themes while never quite nudging the material entirely into seriocomedy, Eimbcke reveals aspects such as Rita's loneliness--her 16th birthday has been completely forgotten at home--the thanklessness of Ulises' job, Moko's confused feelings for Flama and the latter's anger over his parent's impending divorce and messy division of assets.
Boyfriends, partners, husbands, the sheer exhaustion and thanklessness of caring for children, the impossibility of weaving all this in with a smoothly running job.