that is

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Should he 'op out and proceed to the floor where is the cat, that is his affair.
I do not know exactly what part of the world you call this, but from the fact that I can see the sea from my window, it must be some considerable distance from the scene of the accident.
But that is my pride, which is a sign of respectability!' And she sat there very proudly, thinking lofty thoughts.
But this is what I call the facetious riddle invented by you: the demigods or spirits are gods, and you say first that I do not believe in gods, and then again that I do believe in gods; that is, if I believe in demigods.
Yet do not suppose, because I complain a little or because I can conceive a consolation for my toils which I may never know, that I am wavering in my resolutions.
Why should I wait in the room that is still haunted by my horrible doubts of the night?
That is my experiment Will you help, Ben Weatherstaff?"
"Yes, that is just what I want to know," said the Duck; and she swam away to the end of the pond, and stood upon her head, in order to give her children a good example.
"I trust that I shall be able to fulfill my duties in a perfectly satisfactory manner."
As you know, it was with a certain amount of difficulty that I reached this country.
Only in man is morality, and man created it--a code of action that makes toward living and that is of the lesser order of truth.
I wrote it thinking it would sound very witty; but now that I have seen myself that I only wanted to show off in a despicable way--I will not scratch it out on purpose!) When petitioners used to come for information to the table at which I sat, I used to grind my teeth at them, and felt intense enjoyment when I succeeded in making anybody unhappy.