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In light of the modern tendency toward thaumaturgy, we would do well to quote a lesser-known passage from New Atlantis.
But it is a strange and remarkable fact about lawyers that we often do not appreciate what Philip Allott calls the thaumaturgy, or 'wonder-working' power of law.
In this week's parasha, the man who produced water out of a boulder is telling us to reject thaumaturgy and instead appoint capable people and pay close attention to their processes of governing.
Yet whereas Reygadas's movie, every frame imbued with rapture, treats its divine intervention solemnly, Lourdes views thaumaturgy as a manifestation of both the sublime and the absurd.
Stewart talks about a "neighbour of ours, an old man, who has for many years been a dabbler in occult philosophy and thaumaturgy [who] will have you believe that at this season in each and every dust whirlwind on land and spindrift column at sea there is present an invisible spirit of evil [...] let loose for seventeen days and nights together at the season of the vernal equinox [...].
Automata, the products of thaumaturgy, were contested objects of wonder.
And orthopedic thaumaturgy would certainly count as a miracle.
Luke's theocentric perspective on the mission's thaumaturgy clearly expresses its continuity with Jesus' activity, as summarized in Peter's kerygma on Pentecost (2:22; cf.
Numbers and geometric figures themselves served Della Porta's thaumaturgy, his number magic that he called "aritmantia." A clear articulation of his philosophy of mathematics and mathematics' relation to magic can be gleaned from a passage in De magia, where he wrote:
One must take as one's desire the desire of the people; one must take as one's aspiration the aspiration of the people.' (17) Biographies of eminent monks as recorded in Thien uyen tap anh (Compendium of outstanding figures of the Thien garden), a work composed around 1337, describe a kind of Buddhism which was a mixture of meditation, asceticism, thaumaturgy, magic and ritualism yet remained very engaged with the world.