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The Antipodes are about 900 kilometres northeast of the Auckland Islands and 850 kilometres southeast of Bluff.
Brome's presentation of the theatre in The Antipodes as a force for social stability and sexual regulation may be read as a response to Prynne's attack on the stage, particularly in terms of the position of the increasingly prominent female playgoer in the 1630s.
Like Bowers, the Melbourne artist Robert Baines has persisted with a strong interest in the antipodes.
Crawling further, the rest of the title Mapping the Antipodes before 1600 promises more delights, though still hiding its truth.
Hiatt, Alfred, Terra Incognita: Mapping the Antipodes before 1600, London, British Library Publishing, 2008; cloth, pp.
Flintoff's side produced the most lamentable display of batting from an international team in the antipodes for a quarter of a century," he wrote in the Sydney Morning Herald.
Scientists from Europe, North America, and the Antipodes explore how plants control primary auxotrophic pathways and pathways in common with the primary pathways in mammalian cells.
Somersault'' marks the emergence of yet another outstanding Australian actress in Cornish, and of another filmmaker from the Antipodes who, like Gillian Armstrong and Jane Campion, possesses an uncanny ability to render women's consciousness through moving images.
Australian soap star Ian Smith, better known as kindly old soul Harold in the BBC1 soap Neighbours, was intrigued to learn Jonah Lomu had defected from the Antipodes to play rugby with the Cardiff Blues.
BRIAN O'DRISCOLL insists the 2005 Lions are a cut above the ones Martin Johnson led to the Antipodes four years ago.
It's a pity the Empire was not covered too--there is some excellent work in South Africa and the Antipodes, and effects were felt even in India.
In the eighteenth century, Cheek claims, the "placement" of sexuality became an essential means of interpreting not only individual identity in Western Europe but also cultural identity and difference within a global frame that embraced the antipodes.