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The Sheikh added, "We at the bourse hope that the launch of this index contributes in attracting more investors to invest in the Bourse, and utilise the available investment opportunities in the different economic sectors, in addition to the investment instruments at the Bourse, especially products and instruments that are Shari'ah complaint.
The board approved new rules for listing and trading REITs at the bourse that will be issued following the final approval of the Central Bank of Bahrain.
He praised the confidence that Zain Bahrain has put in BHB and said the bourse will continue developing its services.
Bahrain Bourse is offering a solution to these companies to list themselves on the bourse without having to go through an IPO.
Since more than a week ago offering of gas condensate has started in Energy Bourse and under a bylaw issued by Petroleum Ministry the product will be sold just through the bourse procedures," Salehabadi said.
The founding capital of the planned energy bourse in Turkey will be around 40 million Turkish Liras and the private sector will have a share in the bourse, Energy Minister Taner YA[+ or -]ldA[+ or -]z said in July.
0542% stake, suspended the sale procedure at the end of February in the wake of the shocking resignation of the former government, headed by Boyko Borisov, the bourse announced on Thursday.
The bourse will supply Batelco with different services comprising maintaining a record that keeps shares in electronic form, updating data of the registry resulting from dealing in the firm's shares.
NIOC), told the Shan news agency Sunday that while crude sales on the bourse had not been successful thus far, "the next phase" of offering crude on the bourse would be successful.
Summary: Cattle sold on the bourse will be male, more than 2 years old, an average of 500 kilograms and born in Turkey.
Ali Al Mansoor also denied that the bourse has been closed due to the situation in the Kingdom earlier this month, confirming that the bourse continued providing its trading, settlement & central depository, and data feed services to brokers and investors during the past period without any interruption or delay.
The exchange had reduced trading hours and enforced circuit breakers and down-limits on stocks as protective measures after the bourse had been closed for nearly two months.