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Jon-Lewis Dickinson represents the acceptable face of the fight game, a dedicated young man wanting to improve himself by collecting yet more titles without the obscene financial rewards that seem to bring the shameful worst out of high-profile boxers.
At a time when role models do not spring readily to mind in a sport more associated with angst and greed, here was a man who was without doubt the acceptable face of the game.
The Chancellor will say: "David Cameron is here today no doubt trying to show the acceptable face of Conservatism.
It is currently on show at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in California, where it is being billed as the acceptable face of luxury SUV motoring for today's economic climate.
The 300 is the acceptable face of Evo ownership, if such a state of grace exists.
Could he be the man to unite the region, the acceptable face of Brum to Coventrians?
Described as the acceptable face of capitalism, the former submarine commander became renowned for his work as chairman of ICI during the 1980s, where he turned around the fortunes of the chemical giant.
GOOD to know the acceptable face of football is up and running in Non-League circles these days.
KENNY JACKETT always presented the acceptable face of football.
HIGH-RIDING Leeds showed the acceptable face of Yorkshire football - after their fans had heaped disgrace upon the club.
Let's put some pride back in our local communities and show the acceptable face of patriotism.
Jonathan King got away with it because he was hidden at the bottom of a pit dug with the help of every single person who thinks that gross behaviour is the acceptable face of showbiz.