the accused

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While I turn my back now, I beg that several persons will be so good as to pass their fingers through their hair, and then press them upon one of the panes of the window near the jury, and that among them the accused may set THEIR finger marks.
I ask the jury to compare them with the finger marks of the accused upon the windowpanes, and tell the court if they are the same.
He turned to the jury: "Compare the fingerprints of the accused with the fingerprints left by the assassin--and report.
That will do," went on the imperturbable auditor, when he supposed that the accused had finished his third reply.
Quasimodo turned round, shrugging his hump with disdain, while Master Florian, equally astonished, and supposing that the laughter of the spectators had been provoked by some irreverent reply from the accused, rendered visible to him by that shrug of the shoulders, apostrophized him indignantly,--
The judge, more and more irritated, thought it his duty to continue in the same tone, hoping thereby to strike the accused with a terror which should react upon the audience, and bring it back to respect.
With this arrest, the number of the accused apprehended in the Mashal Khan murder case reached 60.
Judge Mehmoodul Hassan ruled that the prosecution had failed to prove its case against the accused, Waheed alias Abu Bakar, a resident of Orakzai Agency, and that the evidence on record didn't connect him with the commission of the offence.
Following the completion of the main trial, the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina handed down the Verdict on 5 March 2018, under which the Accused Dragisa Brnic and Neven Stanic are found guilty of the criminal offense Illicit Trafficking in Narcotic Drugs in violation of Article 195 (3) as read with (1) of the CC of BIH, all in conjunction with Article 29 of the CC of BIH.
ISLAMABAD -- Accountability Court (AC) has adjourned till March 05 hearing of supplementary reference against Ishaq Dar pertaining to accumulation of assets beyond known source of income due to non distribution of copies of the reference among the accused persons.
Counsel for family members of Mohammad Yousuf the victim argued that the accused is not ready to surrender before law.
The girl, who was feeling the pain told the mother and when the accused was confronted, he could not deny it, rather, he was begging.