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The best of the bunch is The Last Temptation of Christ by Nikos Kazantzakis.
But all the fat-frees we tasted were bland and not very creamy (Cabot Vermont and Daisy are the best of the bunch, though they taste more like plain yogurt).
Meanwhile, regular testing of seven, 11 and 14 year-olds has done nothing to improve results and elsewhere extra exams are now being called for to help universities differentiate when it comes to picking the best of the bunch from a crop of grade achievers.
For the manager of hospitals too, this was the best of the bunch. An updated version of machine-made modern, the architectural language shows the machine aesthetic fulfilled as it never could be in the 1 920s.
Theme-happy shows included MOMA's "ModernStarts," the opening installation at Tate Modern, and the Whitney's "American Century." The best of the bunch was Robert Rosenblum's "1900" at the Guggenheim, a synchronic slice reminding us that the art world was--and is--a place where disparate generations and conflicting interests contest differences in taste, style, and worldview.
Chocolate Bookmark, PS4.20 (min order of three), www.cocoapod.co.uk If you haven't yet caught onto ebooks, this is the best of the bunch. You can use it outside in the sunlight, plus it has a built-in front light with adjustable brightness.
Music editor John Dingwall, who was on the judging panel, selected the Magnets as by far the best of the bunch.
THERE havea been some fine, thought-provoking episodes in the Playhouse Presents series, and Ragged (Sky Arts 1, Thursday) has perhaps been the best of the bunch.
He can plug into electronica when the mood takes him and takes an odd sinister trip down drum 'n' bass alley, but the best of the bunch has to be Quicksand that's as lonely, stark and isolated as a Finnish winter.
Her drawing for the "Put Mum in the Picture" was selected as the best of the bunch, out of 800 applications, by Coun Dennis Southwell, the Mayor of Durham.
The Sealife Centre, in Brindley place, is on the hunt for a short film about nature - with the best of the bunch being shown in the new 4D cinema.
With old rival Mill House sidelined with tendon trouble, only four took him on and the best of the bunch was Dormant, whom Arkle had beaten by a country mile in the King George earlier that season.