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The Pyncheons, in brief, lived along, for the better part of two centuries, with perhaps less of outward vicissitude than has attended most other New England families during the same period of time.
I had spent the better part of the night at the bedside of the worshipful Governor Winthrop, doing what my poor skill might to give him ease.
better part : more than half <We waited the better part of an hour.
A large site on Route 1 in Edison deserves the finest contemporary development, and we have invested the better part of two years blending the hottest retail concepts with Edison's desire for a family-oriented facility with a classic design and manageable scale," says Emanuel Stern, President and COO of Hartz Mountain Industries.
The contentious negotiations unfolded for the better part of a year, with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's attempts to wrest control of the 720,000-student, 700-school district away from the school board hanging as the backdrop.
Much of the content may seem like old news to executives who've been dealing with the law's compliance demands for the better part of three years.
Steve Bell, by contrast, has had a full-time Christian music ministry for the better part of two decades.
The fact that it went so wrong (20 million soldiers were killed, wiping out the better part of a generation of the young men of Europe; another 20 million were wounded, many grievously; and another 20 million people died in the 1918 flu epidemic fueled by troops returning home from the war fronts) and destroyed both the German and the Austria-Hungarian governments should be a cautionary tale to other people contemplating "preemptive" wars.
Our decision not to appeal is a perfect example of discretion being the better part of valor," said attorney Ellis Rubin, who represented the couples.
AHEAD OF THE CURVE: For the better part of two decades, THE NEW AMERICAN has described the unremitting invasion by illegal aliens and examined both the federal policies and subversive groups abetting that invasion.
Whereas some may associate Africa with devastation and illness, it's clear right from the start of the book that the continent the photographers have spent the better part of their professional lives exploring is a rich place.
Miller, who has spent the better part of the year assembling his data for audit, says certification is a time-consuming, demanding and expensive process that can cost SFL holders between $150,000 and $200,000.