the entirety

See: in solido
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One should sympathise with the entirety of life, not with life's sores and maladies merely, but with life's joy and beauty and energy and health and freedom.
The Brooklyn Museum of Art bought the entirety of Sargent's 1909 exhibition, and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston bought the entirety of a second (and final) showing of watercolors in 1912.
A tenancy by the entirety trust (TBE trust) can provide the married couple with both creditor protection and the various nontax benefits of a trust.
12 percent in the entirety of 2010 while Kuwaiti banks recorded a 6.
The new law, says Lisle lawyer Neil Goltermann of Momkus McCluskey LLC, who assisted in drafting the legislation, means married couples will no longer have to forego the protections of holding property as tenants by the entirety to set up and fund inter vivos trusts recommended for their estate plans.
Without stability in her recent relationship, Sabrena received a visit which will immediately change the entirety of her perspective and understanding of the every intricacy of her own mind, her life, and her entirety.
Supreme Court considered how "tenancy by the entirety," a form of joint ownership available only to married couples, affects a tax lien.
Craft, 4/17/02, that a husband's interest in a tenancy by the entirety was "property" or "rights to property" to which a Federal tax lien could attach, despite the fact that state (Michigan) law exempted such property from creditors.
Until now, risk-based bank capital rules required that a bank maintain at least eight percent of capital against the entirety of a commercial real estate loan pool, even if the bank had sold a senior interest in the loan pool and retained only a junior interest, with no ongoing credit support for the senior interest sold.
It is qualified in the entirety by the text of the APA, a copy of which will be filed as an exhibit to a Current Report on Form 8-K, expected to be filed within the timeframe prescribed by the federal securities laws.
September 2011) raised concern that Florida law is unclear on the question of whether a married couple can own personalty as tenants by the entirety (TBE) unless authorized under the Florida statutes.
A husband and wife owned real and personal property (bank accounts, stocks, bonds and a residence) as tenants by the entirety.

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