the facts of the case

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Fain to prove that this work of genius must be referred not to the fourth but to the fifteenth of October- that plan never was or could be executed, for it was quite out of touch with the facts of the case.
I do not know whether I have been what people call a great reader; I cannot claim even to have been a very wise reader; but I have always been conscious of a high purpose to read much more, and more discreetly, than I have ever really done, and probably it is from the vantage-ground of this good intention that I shall sometimes be found writing here rather than from the facts of the case.
But statements and opinions themselves remain unaltered in all respects: it is by the alteration in the facts of the case that the contrary quality comes to be theirs.
Your statements, to put it mildly, are irreconcilable with the facts of the case.
McAdam, and his client, upon hearing the facts of the case, very graciously consented to give back the papers, and to take the money which he had advanced.
The conclusion is obvious enough to anyone who knows the facts of the case.
Then I appeal to Miss Fenwick, if, as you say, she knows all the facts of the case, to say whether it is reasonable to expect a man of my temperament, a nervous, highly-strung artist, to welcome the presence of snakes at the breakfast-table.
Gordon, however, apologized to the critics, adding that the committee just needed someone who would just lay the facts of the case for the investigation to run smoothly.
The facts of the case were not outlined during the hearing at Caernarfon Crown Court.
Tailor plans you submit to the IRS under the Voluntary Correction Program to the facts of the case.
A spokeswoman for the professional body said a fitness to practise panel had considered the facts of the case and will now decide if Dr Williams is guilty of the charge.