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GRAND. An epithet frequently used to denote that the thing. to which it is joined is of more importance and dignity, than other things of the same name; as, grand assize, a writ in a real action to determine the right of property in land; grand cape, a writ used in England, on a plea of land, when the tenant makes default in appearance at the day given for the king to take the land into his hands; grand days, among the English lawyers, are those days in term which are solemnly kept in the inns of court and chancery, namely, Candlemas day, in Hilary term; Ascension day, in Easter term; and All Saint's day, in Michaelmas term; which days are dies non juridici. Grand distress is the name of a writ so called because of its extent, namely, to all. the goods and chattels of the party distrained within the county; this writ is believed to be peculiar to England. Grand Jury. (q. v.) Grand serjeantry, the name of an ancient English military tenure.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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In the course of deploring the Anglocentricity of The Grove Book of Art Writing and the absence from the selection of so many leading American art writers, my friend Robert Storr ["British Evasion," January] sees me in a role that doesn't altogether correspond with the facts: "David Sylvester, the grand old man of English criticism and the authority figure around whom pivots this strange dance of old-school studio artists and new-media practitioners, weighs in with nine entries." Yes, I am an old man, and there are nine entries, but in what sense am I a pivot or an authority figure for the "strange dance"?
Trevor Dannatt writes a personal memoir of Denys Lasdun, the Grand Old Man of English architecture, who died last month.
In its heyday, the pit - dubbed "the grand old man" - employed about 1,000 people.
Former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, the grand old man of Europe.
Although not yet "the grand old man of rock", he has certainly become its distinguished and respected middle-ager.
WALTHER J JACOBS, the grand old man of German racing and breeding, has died at the age of 91.
The revival of El Greco is by Ivo Cramer, now the grand old man of Swedish dance.
Then you might want to stop by, as the grand old man of Indian theatre, Tom Alter, steps into the Almighty's shoes with Anurag Kashyap's When God said Cheers!
The Grand Old Man of football is now in his mideighties but still as sharp as a tack and has just brought out the second volume of his memoirs entitled To The End Of The Road.
Tributes to the grand old man of British socialism poured in from every corner.
The exploits of Dilshan and Sangakkara followed the early, cheap departure of the grand old man of Sri Lankan cricket, 40-year-old Sanath Jayasuriya, for 10 when trapped leg before by Steyn.
THE grand old man of trade unionism has known them all in his time - prime ministers and chancellors, the knights of industry and the lords of inherited wealth.