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A friend said: "If she was the last person to speak to Gerry she'd have been asked to give evidence at his inquest.
The last person standing in a group of competitors gets his or her project funded.
ANGRY Melanie Verwoerd last night told Twink: There is NO WAY you were the last person to speak to Gerry Ryan.
It was thought the last person to see the 12-year-old was her grandmother's partner Stuart Hazell, to whom she shouted she would be "back by six".
The last person to be conscripted was a Pte Turner and the last person to be demobbed was Lt Vaughan in 1963.
According to Berry, Rickaby was probably the last person alive to have sat on Hyperion, the 1933 Derby and St Leger winner who went on to become a legendary sire.
Ms Wright, 36, was the last person to be pulled alive from the carnage of the Aldgate tube blast.
The Welsh Prince, who led a revolt against the English between 1400 and 1409, was the last person to claim the title of independent Prince of Wales.
However, if I did decide to sell, Galliani is the last person I would give him to.
I could have done without Keith Allen as the Sheriff-hearing his daughter on the radio every day's enough - although the last person playing the role on the BBC was Tony Robinson so I suppose he's an improvement.