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The last thing I do before I leave the office: 'As the Vice Chair of the Homeland Security Committee and ranking woman of House Armed Services Committee, I have a significant amount of reading material.
'I didn't mean to offend anyone, it's the last thing I wanted to do, and I do understand why the boys were unhappy.
If you throw a curve ball for a strike to a hitter, especially early in the count, the last thing he will expect is to see it again on the next pitch.
The last thing the Welsh economy needs is to be similarly 'parked up on a trolley'.
They are afraid of getting rejected again--and filling out forms is the last thing they want to do.
First, given their sensitivities to shareholders and the stock markets (the principal way CEOs make their fortunes), the last thing the oil companies want is instability in financial markets.
One observer suggested that the liturgy should have been the last thing changed after Vatican II, rather than the first thing.
That is the last thing we need to happen at this stage of the tournament.
Suspending your membership privileges is the last thing in the world we want to do, but we must hear from you promptly Today, please!
But the last thing I want is to be in Jasper, to be thrust into the center of such a racially charged national story." In order to understand what motivated the killers, she examines the suspects' childhoods and their earlier prison stints, gleaning further insight from the witness testimony in the three trials.
(A couple of young working-class London skaters/taggers/punks who, naturally, attend art school, begin to videotape their abject pals and environs for a class project; in homage to Patrick Keiller's sly 1994 film London, they collage the good bits and lay a brilliant rant about history, architecture, and skateboarding over the top; the results are mordant, hilarious, poetic, compelling.) The last thing I expected was that the hype would be true.
"At this time of national crisis, the last thing we need is political bickering over prayer and religion," said Lynn.