the late lamented

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Smallweed, Judy, and Bart; and regularly, all day, do they all remain there until nine at night, solaced by gipsy dinners, not abundant in quantity, from the cook's shop, rummaging and searching, digging, delving, and diving among the treasures of the late lamented.
Sherlock Holmes, "London has become a singularly uninteresting city since the death of the late lamented Professor Moriarty.
Yes, Watson, I went there, and I found very quickly that the late lamented Oldacre was a pretty considerable blackguard.
He became ten times a greater favorite than ever, and, as a natural result of the hospitality with which he was treated, he relaxed, as it were, perforce, the extremely parsimonious habits which his poverty had hitherto impelled him to observe, and very frequently had little reunions at his own house, when wit and jollity reigned supreme-dampened a little, of course, by the occasional remembrance of the untoward and melancholy fate which impended over the nephew of the late lamented bosom friend of the generous host.
keeping his seat, of course) like the late lamented Ducrow on two of his fiery coursers.
Informed sources say that the late lamented Big Ben's Hubby has spent a whopping Rs 1.
We have to live with star salaries and be grateful that it is Gary Lineker and not the late lamented Jimmy Hill who is paid the millions.
When I first came to the city in the late 70s to be Ed Doolan's producer on the late lamented BRMB Radio I was soon aware of the reputation of Mr Fewtrell and his family and the story of the Kray 'confrontation'.
The Skydome also happens to be a top class venue, and really should be used much more for concerts, I always felt it would be the natural replacement for the late lamented Coventry Theatre.
The idea has been successfully tested in the late lamented Teesside county borough (1968-74).
35AM The dysfunctional lives of siblings Laura Linney and the late lamented Philip Seymour Hoffman (both above) are rudely interrupted by their ailing dad.
What a shame the Sex Pistol was given short shrift by short-sighted producers of the late lamented soap.