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Bradford Crown Court heard how 54-year-old sales rep Frederick Wharton had been invited to play by Wilson, who he did not know, but at the end was struck across the chest and neck with the thick end of the cue.
A RESTAURANT worker falsely accused a friend and work colleague of sleeping with his former girlfriend - and broke his jaw in two places by striking him to the face with the thick end of a snooker cue.
Dr Robyn Lewis" says to have Celtic players compete in a GB football team would be the thin end of the wedge, I agree with him and furthermore, I would like to point out that the rest of the Celtic athletes are already in the thick end of the wedge and winners are expected to stand stiffly to the Union Jack and God Save the Queen, God help us.
Mr Jones told Cardiff Crown Court: "They sat chatting on a seat but suddenly he turned from being friendly to being hostile, produced what they thought was the thick end of a fishing rod and said 'you are being mugged'.
She's a feisty competitor and I knew if I got out of line I would feel the thick end of her feather duster.
AFTER spending the thick end of a decade at the top of the family transport league, Ford continues to remain true to its ever popular hatchack favourite, the Focus.
The membrane on the other end is tapered, so that the high frequencies primarily affect the thin end and low frequencies have the greatest effect on the thick end.
Each time you start a new strand of vine, place the thick end along the weakest part of the wreath.
Fancy having to find the thick end of pounds 5 million just to buy an ordinary semi-detached house?
Polytechnic Institute suggested in the Journal of Chemical Education that definitive proof might require an instruction book written in the Middle Ages advising glaziers to install glass panes with the thick end at the bottom.
A trio of footballers who served United ever so well on the same ground the thick end of half a century ago.
The point is, at Anfield on a manicured pitch, even with the obvious valour and commitment of Exeter, it was still too good for a side floating around the thick end of the pyramid.