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"Anna Arkadyevna gave orders to announce that she has gone to the theater."
To his relief Alexey Alexandrovitch was not in the theater that evening.
So whenever he comes now, you shall see, yes, that the theater will not hold the people.
In the theaters at Hanover, Hamburg, and Mannheim, they had a wise custom.
There was not even standing room left in that part of the theater.
When the applause broke out in a perfect frenzy of cries and clapping of hands, she sat perfectly unmoved by the enthusiasm which pervaded the theater. The man behind her (annoyed, as I supposed, by the marked indifference which she showed to the performance) tapped her impatiently on the shoulder, as if he thought that she was quite capable of falling asleep in her stall.
Until well into the seventeenth century, to be sure, the London companies made frequent tours through the country, but that was chiefly when the prevalence of the plague had necessitated the closing of the London theaters or when for other reasons acting there had become temporarily unprofitable.
It should be added that from the latter part of Elizabeth's reign there existed within the city itself certain 'private' theaters, used by the boys' companies and others, whose structure was more like that of the theaters of our own time and where plays were given by artificial light.
If we would picture to ourselves what these first English plays were like, we must not think of a brilliantly lighted theater pranked out and fine with red and gold and white such as we know.
But did you ever wonder how plays and theaters came to be?
The theater was full of people, enjoying the spectacle and laughing till they cried at the antics of the two Marionettes.
"Very possibly the theater of war will move so near to us that..."