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We are confident that the sixth edition of the Festival will further promote Dubai as a centre of theatric excellence, and provide a strong platform for the country's talent to express their creativity.
5) For the transgressive theatrics of Sabbath's Theater, see Peter Scheckner, "Roth's Falstaff: Transgressive Humor in Sabbath's Theater," The Midwest Quarterly 46 (2005): 220-35.
The Festival will be characterized by the rediscovery of antique cultures through four days of theatric and musical performances that will be presented in unique settings of considerable importance from an historical, artistic and religious point of view: the Manger Square of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem and the Palestinian National Theatre of Jerusalem," a press release said.
A day after the Samajwadi Party ( SP) president blamed the former BJP leader for the party's poor performance in the recent bypolls, particularly the loss of the Firozabad seat, a bitter Kalyan charged Yadav of " betrayal and opportunism", bringing down the curtains on 10 months of very camera- friendly theatric bonhomie.
The political arena is turning out to be more and more a platform for politically inspired theatric performances.
When the noble theme of the finale finally breaks through, it clears the way for the last theatric bars like a thunderstorm at the end of a tense summer's day.
JEDDAH: Soorya Sargam, a cultural organization of Keralites working in Saudi Arabia, presented five humorous but thought-provoking theatric skits here on Thursday night, giving the traditional cultural events of music and dance by expatriates a new twist.
In perhaps too theatric a move, I threw my vermouth onto his shirt.
She also won the Solo Theatric Performance at this year's Urdd Eisteddfod in Carmarthenshire.
There's kind of a theatric caliber they're used to.
The compactness of the previous verse, the self-interrogation, gave way to a more prosaic, theatric confrontation with reality.
The Ambition of a certain Theatric Manager, who after playing a variety of parts, with universal applause, has been seized with the strange infatuation of making his appearance in the character of a Printer's Devil.