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He recognizes that the formula needs to be theatricalized.
Their games, their twice theatricalized masquerade, challenge the phallic standards of logic, coherence and closure, and replace it with what Irigaray regards as "the feminine imaginary", which is characterized by "multiplicity, fluidity, and flux" (Homer 2005: 117).
Outside the theater at masquerades and private theatricals, ethnic difference was also theatricalized, as cross-dressing performers played the roles of Scots, Irish, Jews, Welsh, and others (35).
Karl Marx, in his Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Napoleon (1852), broadly classifies his lumpenproletariat as the unpredictable, uncontrollable, and unruly dregs left behind by the revolution, and Reed similarly casts a rather wide net in his definition of the underclasses, including in that category servants and slaves, apprentices and labourers, artisans and mechanics, pimps and prostitutes, criminals and pirates, immigrants and women: 'The theatricalized lower classes emerge from social encounters and perceived differences as much as from material conditions and collective consciousness' (5).
The focus might be on the serial sequence, as in the theatricalized scenes of Florinda Fusco or the roving camera eye of Cepollaro's filmic couplets.
Part theatricalized warm-up, part vocabulary lesson, Prelude introduces Fagan's signature movements and exemplifies the technical demands he places on his dancers.
And Carrie Fisher's self-deprecating confessions made "Wishful Drinking" an amusing tipple if the solo show is barely theatricalized standup.
Lara pays particular attention to the heavily theatricalized processions of the feast of Corpus Christi, which eventually substituted for the Mexica ritual cult of the sun.
The destruction of Gernika, from its first horrific moments, was a theatricalized event in which the largely civilian victims were unwitting actors.
But such commemoration is inadequate to the figure Antony has become, which is epitomized in Cleopatra's mythic reconstruction of the hero in terms that reach beyond conventional notions of the heroic to a sense of theatricalized identity, one that values multiplicity and instability: "Cleopatra transforms the discontinuities generative of self-forgetting into a prerequisite for heroic masculinity," thus producing an "alternative to Rome's .
were cynically theatricalized and exploited by those in power, the production undercut its own ethnographic lessons even as it imparted them.
He neglects four potentially helpful volumes on theatricalized audiences: D.