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There was a similar one in the second half when Micah Richards came together in a similar situation and he dived theatrically - but the foul went against him.
I only slightly touched him and he went down theatrically.
By reading a number of Shakespearean moments against the grain, Helms agitates for a transformatory and theatrically active feminist practice.
The building has many different sorts of interior realm, from the theatrically gloomy stone-vaulted hall in the north wing which now houses an exhibition space for historic manuscripts, to the more airy volumes of the reading room and library, with their warm timber walls and shelves.
Artifact is over 20 years old but still looks fresh and is incredibly ground-breaking, both theatrically and choreographically.
She stuck the landing, after a half-twist and two somersaults, and then rather theatrically paused while in a crouch before straightening up to her full height of 5-foot-nothing.
Elephant, which makes its US debut at the New York Film Festival this month (and opens theatrically on October 25), was made in close collaboration with a nonprofessional cast of high school students and filmed at a recently closed high school in Portland, Oregon.
Top sellers include Midnight Dancers, Parting Glances, Boyfriends, Boys in Love, and Peach, a short film from New Zealand featuring then-unknown Xena star Lucy Lawless as a sexy tow-truck driver who falls for a Maori woman, First Run releases most of its films theatrically prior to video and is expert at handling specialized titles.
Witches, conjuring, and devilry were theatrically in fashion, but it is reductive to argue that necromancy must swallow up every character, from the Porter to Macbeth.