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Iphigenia'' is Circus Theatricals first production at the company's new studio theater at the Hayworth since relocating from the Odyssey.
Disney Theatricals remains the producer of toon-based shows "Beauty and the Beast," "The Lion King" and "The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
Replacing the traditional chronicles of performance, full of entertaining theatrical anecdote and descriptions of how classic roles were approached, has come the newer rigor of cultural studies.
George Shamieh, president of PM Entertainment, keeps his TV product separate from his theatricals.
He was only scheduled to do dramaturgical research for the Circus Theatricals production of Shakespeare's ``Richard III.
A third group, the buyers, tend not to emphasize publicly the importance of theatricals in their TV schedules for fear of raising costs.
Theatricality also played a considerable role in military life which reinforced the growing demand for spectacle in the theater, and Russell examines the popularity of amateur theatricals in the navy when at sea for extended periods, and in the army when stationed abroad.