theft and pawn shop

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Country: United States of America
State: Florida

My sister was recently arrested for theft. A friend asked her to pawn some golf clubs that belonged to him because he was not 18 yet and could not pawn it himself. She agreed and pawned the golf clubs for him. A few weeks later the police came to her house to question her because the golf clubs had been stolen. They told her that if she told them who gave her the golf clubs she wouldn't get in trouble. However, she was scared to get the young man in trouble and did not tell them where the golf clubs came from. Now, a few months later, the police have arrested her and charged her. Since, she is now facing criminal charges, she is willing to tell the police about the young man who stole the golf clubs. What should she do to be released from these charges and clear her name?


She should tell them what happened immediately; they should then drop the charges if they believe her...
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