theft from departmentn store

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Country: United States of America
State: Kansas

I got caught stealing from a department store and upon further question by the police the found stolen goods from one other store in the mall also... they wrote me 2 tickets for theft. I have only been in trouble one other time when I was 17 for an mice or map? I had a diversion on that. What do I do in my best interest and what can happen to me. I have a good job that I do not want to run the risk of loosing by being put in jail. What is my best bet?


Make sure you get counsel (or at least the public defender) to try to keep this off your record eventually--jail time is probably not likely if your record is basically clear now. But having that arrest and or a conviction on your record will make job-hunting etc. more difficult. Often this could be negotiated down to some kind of court supervision etc.
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