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About one-quarter of Theistic Evolution is a strident defense of a concordist hermeneutic, which ultimately undergirds this antievolutionary God-of-the-gaps view of origins.
Of course, one still must select among the theistic traditions.
And, what might humanism do--on the level of community formation and the ritualizing of mundane life--to make it more appealing and more competitive with theistic organizations?
Under these circumstances we develop or form theistic beliefs--or, rather, these beliefs are formed in us (...)." (7) Here Plantinga appears to make an empirical claim, namely that theistic beliefs are formed in a particular way and this way resembles the workings of a cognitive mechanism like the sensus divinitatis.
Making such choices is never easy and leads to our theistic existential anxiety in life.
Against this background, the aim of the present paper is to undertake a more rigorous testing of the Astley-Francis Scale of Attitude toward Theistic Faith among separate samples of Christian, Muslim and secular youth by administering the instrument in areas of England in which these three groups were clearly visible.
Part I, 'Alleged Conflict,' discusses some areas of supposed conflict between science and theistic (but mainly Christian) belief.
Jefferson drafted the Declaration in the language of theistic rationalism but was artful enough to make it palatable to a wide array of readers, many of whom, as he knew, would be Christians.
Mary Shelley's answer to these questions is not a triumphant humanist manifesto, nor is it an ironic subversion of a supposedly outmoded theistic perspective.
According to her, this alarm arises from the public's confusion between members of the Church of Satan and those theistic Satanists who do worship the devil.
Stewart-Williams holds that Darwinian science supports a view of a godless universe devoid of ultimate purpose or moral structure, examining the implications of Darwin's theory for theistic belief.