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And, what might humanism do--on the level of community formation and the ritualizing of mundane life--to make it more appealing and more competitive with theistic organizations?
In his criticism of theistic evolution, Rossiter attempts to gather scientific arguments against biological evolution, but it is quite obvious that the foundation of his God-of-the-gaps thesis rests firmly on a concordist hermeneutic, not science.
Under these circumstances we develop or form theistic beliefs--or, rather, these beliefs are formed in us (.
Clearly written, rich in content, well-argued, and insightful, this is a masterful collection of essays that should find its way onto the reading list of all those interested in scientific rationality, free will, secular humanism, and theistic cosmology.
Making such choices is never easy and leads to our theistic existential anxiety in life.
The questionnaire included the Astley-Francis Scale of Attitude toward Theistic Faith, based on seven Likert-type items (Table 1) with a five-point response scale ranging from 'strongly agree' to 'strongly disagree'.
In Part III, Plantinga argues that there is in fact 'deep accord' between science and theistic religion.
In chapter 1, Murphy makes the case that the category of "moral law" is a defensible and helpful category for a range of normative moral outlooks, not only theistic ones.
Crucial to his argument is the idea that this highly self-conscious and well-educated elite shared their theistic rationalism with many of the educated clergy of the time, though not with the wider population.
Levine believes that the novel portrays theistic worldviews as empty fantasies that are longed for yet repeatedly and ruthlessly debunked by a relentless materialistic reality.
Stewart-Williams holds that Darwinian science supports a view of a godless universe devoid of ultimate purpose or moral structure, examining the implications of Darwin's theory for theistic belief.