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wMPS makes up for the deficiencies that exist in theodolite and laser tracking systems in industrial applications.
To find out the offset between the spacer bolt and the intersection of the theodolite axes, measurements were carried out using a CE Johansson AB (CEJ) Topaz 15-6-6 CNC measuring machine.
Theodolites are precision surveying instruments constructed of an alidade with a telescope mounted on a graduated circle, equipped with levels and reading devices.
This task previously required the installation of a vast array of reflectors over a ship's hull to enable measurements to be taken by a theodolite, in what was ordinarily a six-week process.
I had a surveyor from Hones Bros who marked out the site using a theodolite and we were able to carry the materials onto the site with a 4x4 vehicle.
If you are in need of a laser level, torpedo laser, automatic level, theodolite, or accessories; LaserLevelsUSA.
The direction of the tunnel measured from true north was first measured precisely on the ground surface with the gyrocompass and a theodolite survey instrument.
QUIZ CHALLENGE: 1 The Latin Caesar, absolute monarch; 2 St Albans; 3 Trafalgar; 4 An outlaw (literally pursued man); 5 A theodolite.
A theodolite is effectively a mounted telescope that lets the user determine, with very high accuracy, the horizontal and vertical angles of the telescope when it's pointed at a target.
Even the title 'surveyor' is misleading, suggesting a land valuer carrying a theodolite.
Throughout the film, Nandi closely scrutinizes the various proceedings with the help of a theodolite.
Total stations, or an instrument combining an electronic theodolite and an electronic distance meter, are available from GARMIN Int'l.