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These "intruding" sciences, including the theologic employment of logic, were always regarded suspiciously by the orthodox, whose minds were steeped in religion.
Of course Saxe was writing and moralizing in the late nineteenth century, in a time when there was still such a thing as a "theologic war," when there was still something to be contested.
Theologic des Heiligen Geistes, Neukirchen-Vlyun: Neukirchener 1992, 11 (English: God the Spirit, Augsburg Fortress 1994) (Translation here: CJ).
See his Determinitische Ethik und kritische Theologic (New York: Walter de Gruyter, 1988), 63.
``The circular shelving unit was originally on set in Theologic,Theo's gadget shop,but it was in a skip waiting to be thrown out so I asked my boss if I could have it,''he laughs.
Although the fetal exposures to air pollution are probably much lower than to constituents of cigarette smoke, the biologic mechanisms such as theologic factors and DNA damage may be somewhat similar.
to avoid all political and theologic bias." (42) The Freeman's Journal--addressing itself to a very different political constituency--commented on the Cabinet's "excellent discretion" exercised "to keep clear of controversial and irritating subjects," its "rigid exclusion of sectarianism in the extracts" (itself a revealing phrase), and its "most unsectarian comprehension of authors." (43) The conservative Limerick Chronicle's reviewer listed the unlikely pairings that resulted as a result of such an inclusive religious and political editorial policy: "We meet with the names of Archbishop Usher and Cardinal Wiseman, Archbishop Trench and Archbishop MacHale, Father Burke and William Archer Butler, Robert Emmet and Lord Castlereagh, John Mitchel and Chief Justice Whiteside." (44)
In Eric Voegelin: The Restoration of Order Michael Federici presents a valuable introduction to the thought of perhaps the most reputable post-War political theorist to explore these dynamics with full philosophic and theologic rigor.
Raven thought of the coda of John S axe's The Blind Men and the Elephant: So oft in theologic wars, The disputants, I ween, Rail on in utter ignorance Of what each other mean, And prate about an Elephant Not one of them has seen!
La walaya, dans son sens technique shiite, possede done trois significations principales, complementaires et interdependantes: l'imamat, l'amour de l'imam et la theologic de l'Imam metaphysique.
The characteristics were further assessed by a self-selected group of participants representing a diversity of medical, legal, theologic, and social points of view.