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These "intruding" sciences, including the theologic employment of logic, were always regarded suspiciously by the orthodox, whose minds were steeped in religion.
In Eric Voegelin: The Restoration of Order Michael Federici presents a valuable introduction to the thought of perhaps the most reputable post-War political theorist to explore these dynamics with full philosophic and theologic rigor.
La walaya, dans son sens technique shiite, possede done trois significations principales, complementaires et interdependantes: l'imamat, l'amour de l'imam et la theologic de l'Imam metaphysique.
The characteristics were further assessed by a self-selected group of participants representing a diversity of medical, legal, theologic, and social points of view.
Without the expert guidance of Shea and Whitla through the ecclesiastic, civil, and academic law, and the theologic al thickets, modem readers would find it difficult or impossible to fathom the causes of such uproar over a volume that, to paraphrase T.
Au Canada, l'ensemble des travaux universitaires realises dans le monde de la theologic catholique et dans divers departements d'education angloprotestants developpe des problematiques qui posent en dialectique la recherche fondamentale et la recherche appliquee.
amp; SACRED 127, 131-34 (1998) (exploring the political and theologic practices of communities constituted by forgiveness).
The form of the book certainly leads us to expect a major treatment: `Tributaries of Influence' (which deals with Przywara, Barth, German philosophy, and the Fathers) is followed by a further three parts devoted to the Aesthetics, Dramatics, and Theologic.
The persistent themes discussed earlier approach the theologic status of mysteries.
not a half hour (not a poor half hour), for I never could preach so long without fatiguing both myself and my flock to death--but I will give you a short sermon, and flap you in my turn:--preaching (you must know) is a theologic flap upon the heart, as the dunning for a promise is a political flap upon the memory:--both the one and the other is useless where men have wit enough to be honest.
2) So states Adelbert Denaux, an ITC member, in his introduction to the Dutch translation of the document ("Ten geleide" to Theologic vandaag: Perspectieven, principes en criteria, Collationes 42 [2012] 177-222, at 177-78).