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2013), less attention has been paid to theology-directed integration (Strawn, 2004) or theologically reflective counseling (Holeman, 2012).
Very few of the authors offered a balanced theologically intellectual and pragmatic approach, but among those who did were Sharon L.
requires leaders for whom the task of thinking theologically about all
African Americans, poor individuals, and other ethnic minority groups also tend to affirm higher levels of traditional or theologically conservative religious beliefs than do white people (Davis & Robinson, 1997; Smith & Faris, 2005).
The Church of England is to consider whether women bishops are theologically justified today in a debate led by the Archbishop of York.
Priests embraced the emergence of a medically accurate method of intermittent abstinence (the rhythm method) that promised to enable lay men and women to limit family size within the bounds of theologically acceptable practices.
Introducing readers to a concise presented conceptual interpretation of grace and the traditional views encountered in the strictly structured premises of the Mormon religion, Exploring Mormon Thought offers an intellectually engaging and theologically progressive construct for debates, discussion groups study the theology of the Mormon religion.
A theologically trained correspondent, Fischer proves himself to be an ideal biographer of the new Pope of the Roman Catholic Church as he presents the history of Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger for three decades, culminating in his being elevated to the Papacy, facing the problems and opportunities for the Catholic Church in the 21st Century.
Southern Baptist leaders held progressive views, and defended them in print, but the great dilemma for the leadership was how they could bring racial progress and healing to the region without appearing politically, socially, and theologically liberal.
The Abbey statement said: 'The Da Vinci Code is theologically unsound.
The purpose of this book is to reflect theologically on certain cutting-edge issues in modern science.
For the first time in history, the Tamil Evangelical Lutheran Church (TELC), South India, has decided to utilize the services of theologically trained women in pastoral ministry.