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This demonstrates that they do not value the practical examinations which have much worth as compared to the theoretical examinations.
This book contributes to the leading theoretical traditions of International Relations such as Realism, Neoliberalism, Neoconservativism, Cosmopolitanism and Constructivism and presents a critical evaluation of US foreign policy in the Middle East in the post-Cold War era while persuasively supporting the theoretical arguments with empirical and factual data.
A prominent and one of the noted theoretical physicists in Pakistan, Professor Riazuddin is widely credited as one of the early pioneers of Pakistan's nuclear weapons development where he, along with his mentor and fatherlike teacher, Dr.
At this point many primary education students/teachers wishing to develop their own, contemporary literacy teaching practices might feel that they need to choose from one of these four theoretical models.
If theoretical physics is slowing down, or on the wrong track, scientific and intellectual life more broadly may be damaged.
The books--Not Even Wrong (2006, Basic Books) by mathematician Peter Woit of Columbia University and The Trouble with Physics (2006, Houghton Mifflin) by theoretical physicist Lee Smolin of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Waterloo, Ontario--assail string theory as sketchy, ambiguous, and untestable.
Therefore, this project was designed to establish a practical and theoretical foundation for achieving the goals of the federal No Child Left Behind Program and to lay the foundation for future empirical study and application.
No other scientific disciplines have contributed to the genesis of theoretical philosophy as mathematics have, and none other than mathematics have established links with philosophy which are not only numerous but also ancient.
Conor stands in this trend, although her adolescent woman emerges as a curiously static and theoretical creature, with an agency that is at best attenuated.
Levine's theoretical framework is based on existing research from across a variety of scientific and academic disciplines as well as the convergence of clinical evidence and experience.
The property insurers contend that under the terms of the insurance policies, a theoretical measure for rebuilding time must be used.
The author gives helpful information regarding how to play certain rhythms and progressions, what theoretical elements and voicings are taking place in the various grooves and how to make one's playing of smooth jazz more stylistically correct.

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