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While this work of Christian systematic theology takes perspectives from both philosophy and the philosophy of religion, the theoretical framework used is strictly philosophical.
Australia) sets out the theoretical framework of cultural conceptualizations, cultural cognition, and language that he has been developing since 2001.
Too many essays - excellent in and of themselves - seem misplaced within the theoretical framework of the collection.
In each of these chapters Callahan succeeds in providing a useful and revealing theoretical framework for the study of modern black fiction without killing texts to accommodate theory.
In doing so, they hope to expand evolution from a merely theoretical framework for explaining long-term biological trends into a practical strategy for systematically inventing proteins with predetermined functions.
The series includes an overview of the theoretical framework behind the reforms, a review of the key reforms and their impacts, and a comparison of China's reform experience with that of other countries.
Among her topics are a theoretical framework for exploring social remembering and communal legitimation, the communal functions of remembering Christ, and a theoretical framework for exploring communal social orientation.
Moreover, results are seldom interpreted of discussed in light of Bandura's position on human agency, despite the fact that his concept and model of self- efficacy has been accepted as the primary theoretical framework in studies of Teacher Efficacy for more than a decade (Chacon, 2005; Friedman & Kass, 2002; Ghaith & Shaaban, 1999; Goddard, & Goddard, 2001; Immants & DeBrabander, 1996; Milner & Woolfolk-Hoy, 2003; Pajares, 2002; Toumaki & Podell, 2005; Tschannen-Moran & Woolfolk-Hoy, 2002; Zeldin & Pajares, 2000).
The author's failure to invest more time studying the roots of scientific medicine necessarily compromises his theoretical framework.
The theoretical framework for the chapter on "the doxology of the self-portrait," which defines this term both as an encomium and as the "radiance and luminosity" (93) of reason and knowledge that permeates both "L'apologie de Raymond Sebond" and Rembrandt's Self-Portrait as the Apostle Paul, is brilliantly conceived, highlighting the general character of Small's text.
For example, Jerne's Nobel Prize-winning network hypothesis "has provided an expanded theoretical framework that has given direction to much of the current activity in cellular immunology," Karush says.

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