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Effects of interaction among different configurations in one of these cases are theoretically investigated, and a formula is obtained that describes the behavior of absorption spectrum intensity.
So while consumers should expect an increase in airfare, Hasbrouck says that the actual cost of airline tickets should, theoretically, not be a major factor.
On a consistent diet, an average-sized, 160-pound man could theoretically lose 30-40 pounds just by walking while talking on the phone, checking email and performing other run-of-the-mill office tasks.
The machine is priced at $159,000, and theoretically has the capability to run faster than the traditional RP technologies.
Thus, the out-of-band approach is theoretically more suitable for higher performance applications.
While many of these chapters are interesting, theoretically sophisticated and significant for knowledge development in social work, it is difficult to see how they foster the book's goal of contributing to social work's search for meaning and identity.
And while tricks like backside Madonnas or frontside body jars are theoretically possible, they are too uncommon to warrant the use of such a designation when referring to the common form of the trick.
5 billion people that theoretically would be able to balance U.
Click on Remove, and theoretically at least, all the application's files will be cleared off your hard drive.
The malware is theoretically benign, but is intended to show a particular vulnerability in an operating system or programmed to alert developers and the user community so that they can tighten security.
To date, there is no conclusive evidence that the disease can be transmitted via blood, although the FDA argues that studies have shown it is theoretically possible.
TEI President ,Judy Zelisko praised the government for recognizing that a theoretically pure approach to the allocation of charitable contributions would not work.