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Richard Cheney, no economics theoretician, has shifted his economic ideology to fit whatever his current political situation might be.
You don't have to be a theoretician to appreciate this book, but you would be well-advised to brush up on basic concepts of calculus and matrix algebra, and to have had at least an introduction to basic mathematical population biology such as that provided by two recent textbooks at the advanced-undergraduate level (Gotelli, Nicholas.
Yet "To have an upright position, analogous to that of a theoretician, is not my intention," Cixous declares, emphasizing that " `The Laugh of the Medusa' and other texts of this type were a conscious, pedagogic, didactic effort on my part to classify, to organize certain reflections, to emphasize a minimum of sense.
He was a theoretician, a teacher, a performer, a composer, an incredible instrumentalist.
French novelist and journalist, theoretician of the realist movement, which he analyzed in Le Realisme (1857).
Heavily influenced by his academic mentors (Perry Miller and Marshal McLuhan), Ong has proven to be an innovative and creative theoretician.
Morath recalls that her husband got more advice from the state forester than he did from his father-in-law, who "was more of a theoretician.
1895 - 1983) American architect, engineer, and theoretician.
Chaudhuri and Chattopadhyay discuss issues related to the formal development and the consequent numerical implementation of the multi-reference coupled cluster and perturbation theories from the standpoint of a practicing theoretician.
That is precisely what Communist theoretician Antonio Gramsci intended in his strategy to achieve complete transformation of society through a complete transformation of the culture.