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Martin and Nakayama (1999) view the integration of different ways of knowing grounded in culturally divergent paradigms as another approach to understanding and reconsidering intercultural theorization.
The limited application of multilevel theorization in the SCM discipline points to an opportunity to conceptualize and integrate theory across the multiple levels relevant to most SCM phenomena.
This liminality disrupts boundaries, binaries and dichotomies that dominate the theorization of urban processes and spaces, but does not erase the paradox of seamlessness and contradiction in migrant women's everyday experiences.
Put differently, Ryan much more successfully demonstrates Woolf's theorization of materiality than the materialization of Woolf's theory.
In part stemming from contemporary theorizations of the use of history (Du Plaisir, Rapin, Saint-Real, Villedieu), the conspiracy plot becomes a "scalpel for the moralist" (526), who does not unequivocally denounce the plotters but rather drops the reader into a "labyrinth" where he or she must evaluate the ambiguities of texts that paradoxically justify the conspirators' actions while denouncing the act of revolt itself (527).
Whether explicitly or less explicitly stated, the assumed theorization of state relations in the book is often liberal pluralist, thus dissolving state relations into a number of competing sources of power.
Here, the manifesto's use and function in political discourse is parsed out; however, in a more substantive move, I work to identify several limitations imposed on the genre by its strictly historiographical theorization.
Recanati suggests that meaning derivation is an 'idle wheel' for linguistic theorization backed by a hearer's intuition regarding the speaker's utterances.
He added that the symposium will discuss different themes, such as Birth of Islamic Jurisprudence, Appearance of Theory and System, Jurisprudence of Theorization and Theory in the specific and general domain, Theory Jurisprudence, Jurisprudence and History, History of Jurisprudence and its Sources with orientalists and Muslim scholars, Rules of Theories in Islamic Jurisprudence and Theorization writings in early Islamic Jurisprudence, in addition to Jurisprudence Theorization in Jurisprudence Schools.
The Center added that the Arab Foreign Ministers' Council had better be held to lift the economic sanctions imposed on the Syrian people, regretting its engagement in political theorization, its attempts of taking the Syrian crisis to the UN Security Council and its calls for foreign interference in Syria's affairs.
The introduction presents the history of indigenous women's theorization against racist state "biopower" and the operation of systemic racism and sexism that has powered it.
Her insight today that the mainstream feminist theorization of domestic violence continues to leave them voiceless is a particularly important one.