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The limited application of multilevel theorization in the SCM discipline points to an opportunity to conceptualize and integrate theory across the multiple levels relevant to most SCM phenomena.
As a result, more theorization is needed to explain why women are entitled both to state intervention, should they want its assistance to stop the violence in their lives, and some decisional privacy in deciding how best to extricate themselves from a violent relationship.
In chapter four, Tillschneider returns to the issue of the interconnections between theology and legal theory, and discusses how the differing natures of the two discourses affect their respective theorizations of amm and khass in ways that are particular to each.
Theorization was also informed by shared assumptions regarding the logic of post-communist transitions.
Further, while little theorization is engaged in addressing issues of gender and class, their implicit presence in Hausa women's song may pique the interest of others.
The low-level and mid-level principles that Sunstein urges should replace ambitious theorization often require a fair amount of theorization to apply.
This liminality disrupts boundaries, binaries and dichotomies that dominate the theorization of urban processes and spaces, but does not erase the paradox of seamlessness and contradiction in migrant women's everyday experiences.
Demonstrating that Palikur knowledges are based on movement and a careful theorization of what it means to be present in a place, the book makes a sustained case for engaging with different ways of knowing.
Goodman suggests that by the 1990s, feminist philosophy had lost its innovative edge, and its theorization of the self-creating, performative subjectivity uncomfortably dovetailed with neoliberal models of personhood and citizenship.
Information Minister: Government media needs coordination not theorization.
Where Counter-Archive excels most, however, is in its consideration and theorization of the range of media encompassed by the Archives de la Planete, namely the still image autochrome slides that were produced alongside the mostly unedited moving image films.
While these texts all hold significant value for a wider Christian audience, as they articulate a uniquely valuable Pentecostal or Charismatic voice on a variety of topics, non-Christians often will be frustrated at the theorization in these last two texts, despite the fact that both Yong and Yun purport to push beyond the Christian ecumenical sphere to engage in theorization about other religious traditions.