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The relevant question is whether this is the proper point of theorization or whether one should theorize between cases to establish an analogy between them.
That arrangement would have fostered a pooling of knowledge that would have greatly aided game hunting and foraging, Ambrose theorizes.
Kurtz theorizes that when Matthew's head hit the windshield, he damaged or severed some of his olfactory neurons, millions of tassel-like nerve cells in the nasal cavity that--when funtioning--can detect some 10,000 odors (and nearly as many flavors).
The study indicates that some embryonic neurons can switch the chemical signals they produce in response to changes in their own electrical activity or that of nearby cells, the investigators theorize.
Such rapid tooth growth reflects accelerated body development, which may have evolved because Neandertals typically died at relatively young ages, the researchers theorize.
At least some of those ancient DNA changes led to bigger brains in various ape species long before human ancestors experienced unprecedented brain growth, theorize Vladimir Larionov of the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Md.
Now, social scientists theorize that new mothers typically experience hormonal and brain changes that sensitize them to their babies' needs.
Socially connected females may receive baby-friendly perks, such as protection from harassment or access to others' food, the researchers theorize.
The scientists theorize that schizophrenia, in its beginning stages, compromises the functioning of the brain's frontal lobe, which contains tissue active in sensing smells.
In this book, Putnam theorizes that people today have less access to social capital, "the connections among individuals -- social networks and the norms of reciprocity and trustworthiness that arise from them.