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The reconceptualization initially posited autobiographical, political, and historical perspectives--and later, a growing variety of conceptual lenses, including ethnicity, gender, race, class, theological, aesthetic, and international, among others--as necessary in both examining and theorizing multivariant human and material complexities inherent in "curriculum," writ large.
The decision to adopt precedent as a fixed point of law is either an adoption of the precedent's theoretical underpinnings or a promise to explain by theorizing why it in fact embodies a principle worth propagating.
Therefore, this newer perspective in feminist theorizing opens many possibilities for understanding the complexities of the intersections of gender, race, and sexuality because identity and reality only reside within discourse and power.
Hockney's ideas about the experience of time caught my fancy because it seems to me that organization theorizing of the first two types I mentioned also squeezes out time, either by leaving it outside the model (in Type 1 theorizing, two static views are compared) or by placing it outside the lived experience of those doing the organizing (nobody feels evolution in Type 2 theorizing).
As an attempt to elaborate the plurality of contemporary black feminisms, Theorizing Black Feminisms endorses and applies the theoretical propositions set forth in Black Women in America: Social Science Perspectives, edited by Micheline Malson et al.
16) The house of intellect has become the school for skills; but where this is most visible, in the USA, the great research universities have not lost sight of their critical and theorizing mission.
The essays range from personal stories of skate harassment to theorizing on the role of skateboarding vis-a-vis authority and society to near apologetic appraisals of the police (ouch).
A narrative portrayal emerges demonstrating the impact our theorizing together had on our growth, outlook, and learning in an effort to make substantive change in the community.
to bring together, in one place, ideas and a sample of writings that illustrate the diversity of thinking and perspectives that comprise and inform feminist theorizing involving communication .
In this accessible and engaging book, the author provides an overview of what physicists have established through centuries of theorizing and experimenting, Topics include the discovery of the connection between electricity and magnetism, Einstein's theory of special relativity, and the paradigm-shifting development of quantum physics.
It is unclear how this theorizing enhances what is already such a sound piece of work.
The book's firm closing emphasis on James and Jacobean political culture privileges the historical argument at the expense of drawing out the implications of her case studies for theorizing censorship, or, rather, for theorizing the modes of censorship and their impact on the production and circulation of discourses.